M.G. is a company established over thirty years ago by Mr. Giuseppe Magrini. From a small artisan iron and sheet metal workshop, over the years it has grown to become a modern and dynamic industry for the production of Industrial Metal Furnishings. Located in the valley of Casentino, one of the...

The MIDI line was designed to satisfy requirements of versatility, sturdiness, and practicality. Thus, a vast range of products has been specifically created to equip different kinds of working environments and laboratories.

One of the defining features of this line is its metallic drawer...

The BASIC line of products keeps the qualities of sturdiness and practicality typical to the brand intact, while offering a vast range of solutions.

As with the other lines, the most important feature is the drawer, proposed in various sizes. In the drawer, both the bottom and sides are...

Electrical benches are designed and produced to meet the exigencies of an effective and functional work place in every situation: electronic workshops, industries, schools. They are produced in different models and sizes and equipped with
a wide range of optionals, products offer many...

They are designed to meet the needs of those who need to work in a seated position with safety and comfort.
Chairs with fixed bases and swivel seats. Metal structure, seat and backrest made of beech wood.

Environmental topics have become always more important for a sustainable growth of contemporary society. Economic and productive development is asked to consider environment protection as a primary issue. Respect of nature is a indispensable value that must lead all our activities. We care this...

  • Trunks outdoor: with metal handle, compact and lightweight, available in various sizes and models, suitable for small trucks or for storage at work sites.
  • Tool trunk: with metal handle, available in different sizes and models.
  • Plastic containers: for storage and transport.

  • Metal Containers: a wide selection of plastic and metal containers for streaming and storage.
    They can be folded to allow even better use of space.

The main characteristics of the line BETA are: quick assembling, stability, capacity. The different parts are jointed, and a wide range of optionals allows to find the right solution for any exigencies. The parts are delivered disassembled. Shelving line BETA is proposed in two versions: BETA 1...

A functional line of Office Furnishings with a modern design. A vast range of metallic closets of varying sizes and kinds
of doors. A series of desks that satisfies the needs of a modern office.