Safety work shoes

The Beta workwear line was created in 2002 to offer professionals safety shoes and specific technical garments for every particular condition of use according to the work sector.

The range of work shoes includes different variants: high, low, boots, sandals; all complying with safety regulations and requirements. Beta work shoes are synonymous with safety but also with comfort and convenience. Moreover, thanks to the use of innovative materials and technologies, Beta has created the
0-Gravity line of shoes which stands out for its lightness.


Photo Gallery

7372B 7372B
7376A 7376A
7352A 7352A
7352B 7352B
7353Y 7353Y
7354N 7354N
7355V 7355V
7362B 7362B
7363N 7363N
7356G 7356G
7357G 7357G
7356V 7356V
7357V 7357V
7352LG 7352LG
7356LN 7356LN
7352G 7352G
7212LG 7212LG
7214LN 7214LN
7243CR 7243CR
7243FT 7243FT
7246E 7246E
7241EN 7241EN
7243EN 7243EN
7241BK 7241BK
7245BK 7245BK
7246BK 7246BK
7247BK 7247BK
7239B 7239B
7220PEK 7220PEK
7221PEK 7221PEK
7224PEK 7224PEK
7222PEK 7222PEK
7225PEK 7225PEK
7212B 7212B
7213G 7213G
7214G 7214G
7218G 7218G
7212FG 7212FG
7213FG 7213FG
7214FN 7214FN
7215FN 7215FN
7218FN 7218FN
7217FG 7217FG
7219FY 7219FY
7200BKK 7200BKK
7201BKK 7201BKK
7210BKK 7210BKK
7216BKK 7216BKK
7310CRK 7310CRK
7238WR 7238WR
7235BK 7235BK
7236BK 7236BK
7248GK 7248GK
7249GK 7249GK
7322SA 7322SA
7323SA 7323SA
7317NA 7317NA
7320NA 7320NA
7321NA 7321NA
7314AF 7314AF
7315AN 7315AN
7318AN 7318AN
7316NG 7316NG
7316NB 7316NB
7340B 7340B
7340R 7340R
7341N 7341N
7349RP 7349RP
7350RP 7350RP
7293HM 7293HM
7294HM 7294HM
7294HMC 7294HMC
7293HN 7293HN
7294HN 7294HN
7398U 7398U
7398UP 7398UP
7398EF 7398EF
7398GEL 7398GEL
7399 A/N 7399 A/N
7398T 7398T