The company

Kot plod ideje o podjetju, ki bi trgu ponudilo več na področju pogonske tehnike, je v Ajdovščini leta 1991 nastalo podjetje Tehimpex.



As a result of the idea of ​​a company that would offer to the market more in the field of propulsion technology, the company Tehimpex was created in Ajdovščina, in Slovenia, in 1991.

Tehimpex is a family-owned company whose roots date back to 1985, when the idea of ​​manufacturing filling lines was born in a small workshop. Later, due to changes in the market, the company focused on the sale of propulsion technology, but nevertheless remained true to its roots. Thus, with the knowledge acquired in the manufacturing field, it is easier to advise on finding the right technical solution, while also implementing many solutions.

We were the first in Slovenia to unite, under “one roof”, several global manufacturers of various items that are emerging on a daily basis in the field of mechanical and electrical maintenance needs, machine building and first-class construction.

As a reliable partner in the field of propulsion, we want to get as close as possible to our partners through the branch network, since proximity means better responsiveness and higher reliability.

We only offer high quality products from world renowned manufacturers. Responsibility and knowledge allow us to make small-scale belt-cutting machines, conveyors, hydraulic systems and various custom-made preparations.

We became a SKF Linear partner, thus gaining additional knowledge in the field of linear engineering. This also includes a cutting center, which means better a support and service for our partners.

As a B.E.S.T. partner of Bonfiglioli, we assemble reducers to provide a quick service in the case of machinery breakdown, and also short delivery times for machine building needs.

By deciding to embark upon the field of hydraulics, however, we have shifted our horizons further and we are certain that this is the right direction.

Our experts are qualified in the field of bearing technology, diagnostics and monitoring of machines, propulsion technology that includes belt and chain transmissions, and reducers, as well as in the field of electrical engineering that mainly includes electric motors and frequency regulators, in the field of transport engineering, and in the field of hydraulics and sealing technology.

In this way, we offer comprehensive and advanced technical solutions, because by all criteria we are a company that markets knowledge in solutions with the most reliable products in the field of propulsion technology.

However, our partners have the advantage of being able to define, with one person, such a wide range of items that are the best combination for the desired application.

We look forward to becoming your partner.


History of the company:

From the first days onward, we have enthusiastically accepted the challenges that we were faced with, sometimes more, sometimes less carefully. History confirms that we have made the right decisions and have good and motivated staff with us. We continue down the outlined path with the same enthusiasm, as if you do not move forward you just go back. Continuous change is the only constant:

  • 1985 opening of the business and the beginning of the production of filling lines
  • 1988 conquering the Yugoslav market and construction of the business premises in Ajdovščina
  • 1991 starting the sale of propulsion technology
  • 1994 opening of a branch office in Ljubljana
  • 1998 opening of a branch office in Koper
  • 2004 relocation of the headquarters to the new premises in Vipava
  • 2006 relocation of the Ljubljana branch office to the new premises
  • 2008 opening of a branch office in Novo Mesto
  • 2010 becoming a partner of SKF Linear
  • 2014 becoming a B.E.S.T. partner of Bonfiglioli
  • 2014 opening of a branch office in Ravne na Koroškem
  • 2016 opening of the hydraulic center in Vipava